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To coffee or not to coffee

Till three to four months back, i was a big big time coffee addict. I would drink any number of coffees a day, and if the first morning coffee turned out bad i used to get dejected that it is a bad sign for the day. I used to think 'Coffee, curd rice and carnatic' are the three big favorite C's of which i would never get bored in life.

Then came this day when i felt ashamed of my fevicol attachment to coffee. And i made this bold move that i would stop drinking coffee for a while. It was more to do with controlling my senses and desires (big phrase!! No, no i did not sit under the bodhi tree.) I can also blame it on some Suki sivam's essay i read which linked worries to expectations on people and loved ones. But dont know how i ended up linking my worries to coffee.

It was more of a challenge to stick to my this decision and people at home used to ask me twice (more in the 'Come on! Dont show off' tone) if i really did not want to drink coffee. Sometimes it was more a question of ego.
It is just too tough to resist the temptation when the coffee foam smiles at you.

Thankfully, during this time i started drinking Organic India's Tulsi Tea . I started liking it, and i can see that my health is improving. My immunity used to be very low previously and i used to get sneezing problems as soon as i get up in the morning. So, thanks to Suki sivam, i gave up coffee totally!! And i stopped missing it gradually.

I am feeling very accomplished that i was able to overcome my attachment to coffee.

Now the problem is... I tried to drink coffee a few days back, and yaackk! I hated it.
Something which was too close to my heart a few months back!!! How can i hate it??

Is everything 'Maya' as my brother says??
Talking of maya and him reminds me of his wedding. Yes! He is getting trapped and wrapped in the world of Maya on June 10th. :)
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My morai paiyan

I really dont know what the equivalent word for 'morai paiyan' in English is.
The word 'cousin' does not add spice to the subject. :D
Anyways here goes his blog-site: kavin.
Isn't he smart and handoo? ;)
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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
Originally uploaded by shobana_nagarajan.
This cute little kutti paapa made me 'Athai' day before yesterday (Sep12, 2006).
Her name is yet to be decided. Akshada and Shivani are the two options we have as of now.

I went to Udupi to see her and man, it was too difficult to leave her and come back to Bangalore.


My friends (Sriram, Kavitha, Shashi, Partha and Sowmya) gifted me a Ahuja Microphone when i left to Bangalore from Hyd.
Lazy me took so many months to lay my hands on it. And here is the first test song i recorded with it.
I had my shruti on and it was close to the microphone, but dont know why only my voice got recorded. And i used Windows Sound recorder which was a big pain as i had to keep looking for the 1 minute end-of-recording to again press the record button while i sang. But thankfully, the breaks are not very obvious. I should say, it was a big test to my concentration while singing.
I tried recording it online through evoca, but dont know why i found my voice to be overlapping in a few places. :(
It would be great if you guys can give me recording tips, also abt the software which you use for continuous recording.
Also your honest feedback about this song are vandhanam. :)

And thanks a lot to my dearest friends who gifted this to me! So thoughtful of them to have given me the best gift i have ever received!

My dream guru

I cant ask for more!
I love Wednesday and Saturday mornings when i have to get up early, go for my music classes before going to my boring office :)
She listens to me patiently and corrects me when i go wrong. And, after i learn a song in the class, i dont have to go back and listen to the recordings of my class to get it right, as she would have taught me in such a way that i wont forget.
Ok, she is Smt.Rajalakshmi. She is one of the beloved disciples of Dr.S.Ramanathan and is 75 years old. But her voice is awesome even @ 75.
The songs i have learnt from her in the past 7 weeks are:
1. Varana Mukhava - Hamsadhwani - Koteeswara Iyer
2. Swaminatha pari palayasumam - Nattai - Dikshithar
3. Vandhanamu - Sahana - Thyagaraja
4. Ramanukke mannan - Hindolam (Rama nataka Keerthanai)-Arunachala kaviraayar
5. BragadAmba - Sankarabharanam - Ponnaiah pillai
6. Durusuga - sAveri - Shyama Shasthrigal
7. Mamava Madhava - Neelambari - Narayana theerthar

Of these, BragadAmba is a very rare number it seems. It has the entire essence of Sankarabharanam. (Not the right way of framing the sentence, i know :). am too excited to think about that now )

"Ramanukke mannan mudi tharithaale" is a Padam sung by Kaikeyi to Mantharai(kooni) and it shows the ecstatic feelings of Kaikeyi when Sri Rama is to be anointed as the prince.

And what more? She taught me an Abirami andhadhi to sing as a Virutham before Durusuga.

Before she starts a new song, she asks me what Raagam/song i want to learn. Too good, no?

She tells me a lot of tit-bits, stories about the times when she used to learn from her gurus. Just too inspiring they are! She was once telling me how Papanaasam Sivan used to teach. It seems he used to encourage the kids to sing without any fear by saying "Dont get scared to sing before me thinking that i know so much in music. I just dont know anything. Infact no one around you knows anything". She tells me the same words and tries to get me sing with lots of confidence.

Well, whatever i have written till now is just too less of whatever i wanted to write. But i just wanted to write this blog so badly today. :)

And before i post it, let me touch wood.. :)


After a long time,again!
Me totally shifted (read:relocated with potti,padukkai and new job) to Bangalore (oops. Bengalooru) few weeks (now a month) back.
I definitely miss Hyd a lot,lot!
Bangalore is not so bad. I am starting to like it. Except for the traffic, everything is good (till now).
It is definitely more peter and meter (ok, it means costly) than Hyd.
But at times, i feel i am in TN.
And i join in a music class, i can say i am settled down here! Till then, i am thedifying my guru..

I should say something about the song i am listening to now (Kanda naal mudhalaai from Kanda Naal mudhal).
I've listened it in a few concerts before. But this version in this movie is just awesome that too with the music and beats.
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